Auslan Kids Books

I shared the book ‘Matt’ with my grade 2 and grade 3 Deaf students this week and they were so excited to see a character in a book who was just like them! They were literally jumping out of their chairs with joy - and have now declared that Matt is their friend (we made a large cut out of Matt to put up in our Deaf facility). I also shared this book to the rest of the grade 1/2 class and they are very happy that they are all learning Auslan just like Matt’s classmates in the book.

It is so wonderful to have representation for our students in books like this!
Thank you Susan

Angela Joy - Teacher of the Deaf
Guthrie Street Primary School


Auslan Kids Books

The Auslan Smart Books are beautifully crafted.
I just love them! The stories are easy to follow
and enjoyable to read.

The books will benefit both teachers and parents of deaf children by interacting in Auslan with the videos and the key signs drawings provided.

Susan is the creative brain behind these stories and she’s put great attention to detail, particularly in both dialects of Auslan Grammar.

Susan offers tips on how best to express and visualise the stories which will help keep deaf children entertained.

And that’s not all! At the end of each book is an activity in the Auslan alphabet font which will be useful for practice. 

Kathy Fitzmaurice


Auslan Kids Books

I used all four books last term with my grade 3&4 students- it was fabulous- we had so many discussions about so many topics: Deaf, interpreters, how we can be more Deaf friendly, Deafblind, hearing devices and how they work, getting a Deaf person's attention, practising basic vocubulary so when we meet a Deaf person we will be more confident in approaching them- and so much more.

These books were a great way to open up conversation with students and explore topics they were interested in learning more about.

Highly recommend!

Rheanna Goeschl - LOTE AuslanTeacher
Covenant College