Auslan Fingerspelling Game Challenge!

Be an expert at reading back fingerspelling in under one month!

Hello Auslan is our sister site, there you can have access to, play with, and learn many different Auslan topics.




Online Auslan Courses

Are you a...
school teacher?
just want to learn Auslan?

Learn independently or with an Online Auslan Tutor



Want to learn Auslan for your Child?

Do you have a deaf child? And you would like to learn Auslan in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace? To converse with your child? To provide him/her with rich language input?

We are excited to announce there is now a one year full access to detailed Auslan conversations with your deaf child, conversations beginning from scratch, from baby age!

All videos are easily accessed online, and comes with slow motion and subtitles to make it easy for you to follow and sign along!

You can also learn with an Online Auslan tutor.


An online Auslan Dictionary, showing how words are signed in different states all over Australia.




Auslan Sign Bank also has a Fingerspelling Game where you can adjust the speed and type down the words you see being fingerspelled.