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5 Auslan Stories Videos and Workbooks
For beginners, advanced and interpreter in training! (See below)

New and Updated signing video with subtitles to go with the
"SOS I have an Auslan Signing Kid in my Class! e-book"
(this video finally includes Qld/NSW signs)



And Coming Up...

a new signing and subtitled video to go with

The Auslan Picture Dictionary
(Currently working on Victorian signs)

Stay tuned! :)




5 Auslan Story Videos
For Beginners and Intermediate
(Prep - Grade 6)

for teachers to use

5 Auslan Stories Video
   (with pictures!)

- 5 Flash Games
 - E-book: Worksheets
    & Activities


  5 Auslan Story Videos
For Advanced and
Interpreter in Training

for teachers
for advanced and
for interpreter in training

 - 5 Auslan Stories Video
  (without pictures)

 - Introductory to Auslan 
 Linguistic Elements Video

 - E-book: Linguistic       
    Elements Worksheets

"I'd like to buy the whole package!"

for teachers to use

  - 5 Auslan Stories Video (with pictures)
  - 5 Auslan Stories Video (without pictures)

- 5 Flash Games
  - E-book: Worksheets & Activities for     
      Beginners/Intermediate (Prep - Gr 6) 
- Introductory to Auslan Linguistic Elements Video
  - E-book: Linguistic Elements Worksheets for
      Advanced/Interpreter in Training


I'd like to buy just the
5 Auslan Story Videos!

For Anyone/Parents

~ to practice my Auslan skills and to share Auslan stories with my children!

  I'd like a free sample
of the Auslan Bird Story
including Worksheets
and Flash Game!
for Beginners and Intermediate!
(Prep - Grade 6)

For Anyone, inc.
Interested Teachers

~ to see what it's like before going ahead and buying it!

  A preview
of the new Auslan Lingusitic Elements Video!

Made especially for Advanced and Interpreters in Training!

The above is in Youtube, if it is not showing for you, click here to watch it in Vimeo
  Answers to frequently asked questions

"I've bought the
Auslan videos, worksheets,
and flash games...

How do I download
the videos?

How do I run the flash games?"





Auslan Fonts

Auslan Susan 1

Auslan Susan 2  
(with letters underneath)

Auslan Comic  

3 Fonts for the Price of 2!

Font Activity Ideas
(what you can do with the fonts)



E-books for Auslan Teachers

The Auslan Picture Dictionary

The Auslan Picture Dictionary
Mix and Match Cards

The Auslan Picture Dictionary
Label the Signs

LOTE Activity Book A

LOTE Activity Book B

LOTE Auslan
Lesson Plans
Grade 1 and 2

SOS I have an
Auslan Signing Kid
in my Class!

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Buy all 7 e-books
and save $50!


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