Teaching Auslan in Victorian schools or just learning Auslan? Here are the resources that you will need: Auslan Fonts, Auslan Stories, Flash Games, Lesson Plans, etc...


Auslan Stories
and Flash Games

Auslan Fonts

Resources for
Auslan teachers

Free Auslan Signs
for Classroom Use


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Try out the Free Auslan Bird Story
Interactive Flash Game!
for classroom use

click on the above to go to the page to watch a 2 minute
Auslan Bird story and play the Interactive Flash Game!




New Auslan Stories Flash Games coming up!

Auslan Deer Story
click on the deer picture!

Auslan Caterpillar Story
click on the caterpillar picture!

Auslan Lizard Story
click on the lizard picture!

Auslan Rabbit Story
coming up!

Auslan Fonts

Auslan Susan 1

Auslan Susan 2  
(with letters underneath)

Auslan Comic  

3 Fonts for the Price of 2!

Font Activity Ideas
(what you can do with the fonts)



E-books for Auslan Teachers

The Auslan Picture Dictionary

The Auslan Picture Dictionary
Mix and Match Cards

The Auslan Picture Dictionary
Label the Signs

LOTE Activity Book A

LOTE Activity Book B

LOTE Auslan
Lesson Plans
Grade 1 and 2

SOS I have an
Auslan Signing Kid
in my Class!

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